Stop reinventing the wheel

Stop reinventing the wheel

Just migrated my blog to Ghost.

I held off for a long time, because the asshole, DIY, egotistic developer in me would never let myself use something I didn't build from scratch.

Engineer-types definitely have a tendency to try and reinvent the wheel.

Maybe it's to stroke our own ego. Maybe we think we can build a better wheel.

But in the case of a blog, you gotta realize that the code doesn't matter.

The words do.

And Ghost helps me focus on the words.

Ghost blogs are awesome for many reasons.

You can setup Disqus comments in 1 minute, pickup the basics of Handlebars in 10 minutes and customize the Ghost theme (here's my custom theme that I'll keep developing), the editor/CMS is amazingly simple, custom domains out of box, powerful newsletter/membership features. The list goes on...

In short, here's how I set up this blog:

  1. Go through basic onboarding process to setup Ghost blog (not self-hosted)
  2. Download Casper theme through admin panel (yarn then yarn dev to get running locally and listening for changes)
  3. Create and upload Github repository for custom Casper theme
  4. Get Ghost running locally
  5. Set up a sym-link with the custom theme
  6. Setup theme auto-deployment with Github Actions

P.S. This is the first of many "thoughts".

Posts under the "thoughts" tag are going to be shorter than a normal post, and longer than a tweet.