Hey, I'm Jonathan! Here's a bit of my story:

I grew up in California, but was more interested in playing basketball than the tech boom happening around me. I started my undergrad at Rice University as a political science major, but switched to computer science mostly because I wanted to seem smarter. I sort of LARPed my way into an interest in software and its applications.

At school I did a little research in deep learning and worked a few software engineering internships at companies including JPMorgan (data pipelines) and Facebook (server infra). I also ran a club called RiceApps that built web apps for non-profits. During COVID, I got into blogging and music production (mainly rap/hip-hop beats) and built some fun apps including whattime.today, and trychords.com.

During my last year at Rice, I lived at co-living/co-working house called Launch House for a bit and joined a friend to work on alias.co. We shipped some cool features, but then became more interested in web3. We built a few small web3 projects such as apemonitor.com, web3starter.xyz, and explored NFT metadata. However, after nothing really stuck, I eventually stepped away from work after bouts of existential dread.