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A few projects I've worked on (mostly deprecated):


GPT chatbot ontop of Scroll.io documentation.


Lottery game on the Scroll alpha testnet.

Exit Web 2

Port web2 communities/identity to web3 using ZK proofs.

NFT Metadata

An 'on-chain-ness' grade for all Ethereum NFTs.

Search ENS

Bulk ENS domain availability lookup.

Ape Monitor

Ethereum NFT Portfolio tracker.

Web 3 Starter Kit

Open-source boilerplate codebase for a simple Ethereum dapp.

Squid Arena

NFT game with randomized lottery system using Chainlink VRF.


Musical chord progression (MIDI) generator.

What time today?

Summarize your time availability in seconds.

Artificial Art

Neural net (GAN) image synthesis for landscape art.


Research toolkit to simulate graphs (Won HackRice 8).

Rackr (Receipt Tracker)

A receipt scanning and personal finance tracking iOS app (1st place in Capital One Hackathon).

News Visualization

A network graph of political figures (3rd place in AT&T Entertainment Hackathon).